Dr. Singh Homoeo

Skin Diseases & Urinary System


Psoriasis, a chronic inflammatory skin condition, can cast a shadow of red, scaly patches over our lives. It can itch, burn, and feel isolating, making us feel like strangers in our own skin. But fear not, fellow skin warriors! By understanding the mysteries of psoriasis, we can reclaim our confidence, find effective treatments, and embrace

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Eczema, often dubbed “the itch that rashes,” can feel like a firestorm erupting on your skin. Dry, itchy patches, inflamed redness, and constant scratching turn even the simplest pleasures into an uncomfortable battle. But fear not, fellow itch-warriors! Understanding the mysteries of eczema empowers you to navigate its flares, find effective relief, and reclaim your

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Have you ever woken up to find your skin decorated with mysterious red, itchy bumps? If so, you’ve likely brushed shoulders with urticaria, also known as hives. These fleeting welts can be a puzzling occurrence, leaving you wondering what triggered them and how to find relief. But fear not, fellow hive detectives! By unraveling the

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Corns, those pesky little bumps on your feet, might feel like microscopic farmers have planted grains of discomfort beneath your skin. But fear not, fellow foot companions! By demystifying the mysteries of corns, you can understand their formation, recognize the different types, and discover effective strategies to keep your feet feeling smooth and happy. Unmasking

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