Dr. Singh Homoeo

Acute Disease Treatment


Ah, the fiery dance of acidity. That uncomfortable, sometimes agonizing feeling that creeps up after a delicious meal, leaving you gasping for Tums and vowing to stick to salads forevermore. But fear not, fellow foodie! Acidity, while inconvenient, doesn’t have to rule your culinary adventures. Let’s delve into the world of heartburn and explore ways […]

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As the sun blazes, scorching skin and turning asphalt to shimmer, a hidden danger lurks: heatstroke. This life-threatening condition, more than just a bad sunburn, can strike suddenly, trapping the body in a furnace of its own making. Let’s unravel the mysteries of heatstroke, revealing its fiery grip and equipping ourselves with tools to navigate

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Warts – the unwelcome knobby guests on our skin, raising curiosity and sometimes concern. But fear not! These common growths, while not exactly welcome decorations, are rarely a cause for major alarm. Let’s unravel the mysteries of warts, explore their types and causes, and equip ourselves with knowledge to navigate the bumpy terrain with confidence.

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Ever run your fingers through your hair, only to be greeted by a blizzard of white? We’ve all been there – the victim of dandruff, that unwelcome shower of flakes gracing our shoulders and clothes. But before you despair, let’s unravel the mystery of dandruff, understanding its causes, exploring treatment options, and reclaiming a flake-free

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Post Injury Effect

An injury, in its immediate aftermath, evokes a flurry of emotions – shock, pain, and the scramble for medical attention. But as the initial sting dulls and bandages come off, another layer of the journey unfolds: the post-injury effect. This multifaceted phenomenon reaches far beyond the physical scar, encompassing a web of physical, emotional, and

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Food Poisoning

Picture this: a delicious meal enjoyed, laughter shared, and bellies full. Fast forward a few hours, and the scene turns grim – stomach churning, head spinning, and a desperate dash for the nearest bathroom. Food poisoning, the uninvited guest at the feast of life, has struck. But fear not, fellow foodies! Let’s unveil the mysteries

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Fever – that unwelcome guest we invite with careless coughs and sneezes. A sudden spike in body temperature, it turns our inner thermostat haywire, leaving us feeling flushed, fatigued, and longing for an icy bath. But fear not, fellow humans! This fiery phenomenon, while uncomfortable, holds secrets worth unraveling. Let’s explore the reasons behind this

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Cold And Cough

The sniffles, the coughs, the tissues piling up like a snowdrift on your desk – you’ve been struck by the common cold and its pesky entourage. Don’t despair, fellow humans, for this uninvited guest is one we all know (and, frankly, dislike) quite well. So, let’s grab a mug of something warm, cozy up, and

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